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Get TV Interview Ready

Why is TV interview media training important?

In this digital age and with the huge numbers of interviews on both TV and social media broadcasts, the opportunities to promote your organisation are quickly increasing. With so many new and exciting ways that you can make your brand stand out, there’s never been a better time to become experienced in the art of speaking with confidence in a wide variety of situations.

With CoComms’ professionally certified and guided TV interview media training courses, you can develop your skills in a comfortable environment with tried and tested theoretical ideas, practical interview sessions and constructive feedback.

What does our training course involve?

We will assist you in developing your public speaking skills and teach you how to deal with hard questions that you may be asked during media interviews, as well as how to connect with the audience and speak with style and conviction.

At CoComms, we do this by running through mock interview scenarios using our journalistic skills and professional cameras and microphones or video conferencing. This better prepares you for public speaking for your professional role or appearing in the media.

Using our framework you will learn to identify areas we can work with you to improve. You will also learn how to prepare for the worst and how to answer questions whilst remaining cool under pressure.

We will also talk to you about the best use of social media platforms, so you can benefit from the exposure you’ll get after a TV interview. We also help you find your best image so you look and feel your best when you’re talking about your organisation either on TV or in front of a live audience.

How do I get in touch and discuss your TV interview media training courses?

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    Broadcast Media Training Courses

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