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Media Training Courses from £1995 available at your office, our office or online

Media appearances offer businesses an opportunity to tell their story with style and confidence. A compelling, skillfully prepared and delivered interview will always find its role in the wider media landscape. So how does our media training help you get ready? Our training means spokespeople will feel more confident, and better equipped to tell a story with the audience in mind. At CoComms, our media training helps with the following:

Understanding Media Opportunities

We’ll help your spokespeople see what a brilliant opportunity a media interview presents.

Dealing with journalists questions

We’ll help you feel better equipped to deal with questions from journalists and understand how to use the opportunity to talk to customers, clients, or other interested stakeholders.

Digital Media Environment

Understanding the impact of social media , how to land your story for positive online impact.

Language Improvement

We’ll help improve the language you use and help you feel more comfortable with the process of a media appearance.

Message and Story Creation

Our media training will help you create messages and develop stories that will engage with the wider audience.

Improve Confidence

Media Training means the process is better understood which leaves your spokespeople able to deal with the press with style and confidence.
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    Bespoke Media Training Courses to Suit You

    All our media training is bespoke and designed to exactly suit your needs. We have lots of ideas of how it might work but we want to hear from you and what you want! So get in touch with our friendly team by phone on 0121 682 6223 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you. We’d love to hear how you hope to improve your media and communication skills.

    Media Training Overview

    We pride ourselves on two things at Coherent Comms – delivering contemporary media training and our supportive inclusive feedback. We know there are lots of media training companies out there, but our clients tell us that they continue to work with us because we listen. We don’t tell you what training you need or hark back to the old days. We take on board your communication needs and deliver bespoke training.
    Course Overview
    Course Content
    Our Course Team

    Course Overview

    You will be practicing with live issues and real situations. After introductions, we find out if people have been previously involved in media interviews, or had experiences of dealing with journalists. We also ask about your understanding and perception of the media, and who it is that you want to engage with, for example, who is your audience? In the next slide, you can see an overview of the media training we can deliver.

    Our associates are working in digital communications, carrying out interviews for online news sites and our contacts are producing digital content for a 21st century audience. We’ll talk to you about TV and radio, but we understand the wider media landscape and how to navigate it. And we’re really proud of our feedback, we want to take you from good to great and believe that building confidence with tips and ideas that will work for you is the best way to develop your skills.

    If you’d like to book a call regarding any of our services or have a chat for free initial advice…

    The Modern Media:

    We explain how the modern media operates in a contemporary digital environment, the role social media plays in news gathering for large news organisations, how the digital landscape has changed everything for media organisations and the specific dynamic of your relationship with reporters. Then, we will look at your interview with a journalist and ‘how to deal with the questions’. This will focus on how to respond to a wide range of questions from various journalists, how to navigate the challenging moments, the different types of interviews that you might do and how to best exploit the opportunity you’ve got. We’ll then talk about performance – how to ensure that you feel confident to deliver the story which best reflects what you want to say. How to stay positive and how to channel your nerves.

    Techniques to Use Part 1:

    We deliver the preparation first – our specialised theory on high quality and effective communication techniques to create a strategic, audience focussed story. This focus is on ‘what to say’, it’s vital that you have a clear understanding of what it is you’re trying to land with audiences so you can engage with them. Doing an interview with a reporter is a media appearance – not audience engagement! It’s vital to understand the difference.

    Interview Scenarios:

    Our training reflects real life stories that you want to tell or issues you might be dealing with. All of our bespoke training means you’ll be interviewed about issues that matter to you. We’ll carry out research, as any journalist will do, to find out about your story. So this is an opportunity to create your narrative and plan your media interview.

    Exercise 1 – Live Interview:

    This is where our practical elements begin. We will simulate a live ‘on air’ radio interview, replicating a live conversation with a ‘radio presenter‘ about your story. We will ‘broadcast’ this and record it for later playback and feedback. Playback and analysis: After you’ve been live on air, we will listen back to the interviews and ask, were you able to hold onto your message and deliver to the audience or were you being bounced from one issue to another by the presenter? We’ll support you as you develop your skills by offering supportive, inclusive and useful feedback.

    Techniques to Use Part 2:

    Now we go onto delivering a ‘sound bite’, we will look at how you can become skilled at responding when your audience is not listening to you live on air, and you might be asked to deliver a quote. We’ll discuss additional techniques to help you, our journalism insider skills, tips and guidance to demonstrate the discipline needed to deliver the right sound bite and quote.

    Exercise 2:

    Now, we’ll ask you to deliver a sound bite to camera. Interviews take place, one at a time, on camera. This will be the opportunity to deliver the quote you are confident will illustrate your position. We’ll also show you some techniques for television appearances so you feel confident you know what to expect.

    Playback and Analysis Part 2:

    We watch and listen back to the interviews, were you able to hold onto your message and deliver your vision to the audience in a short soundbite?


    We will fully support any questions you have and offer a considered reflection. Coherent Comms considers training delivery just the start of our relationship with you. After the training, we‘ll upload the recordings of the interviews you did for you to watch again. We also send bespoke course notes and access to our suite of ‘how to‘ films. We are always on the end of the phone on 0121 682 6223 should you want another practice before a media interview!

    Liz Goddard

    Liz Goddard


    Liz is a director and founding partner of CoComms. She is a highly effective communications coach who delivers business training for a wide range of public & private sector organisations both in the UK and abroad. Liz has more than 20 years’ experience as a senior journalist and people manager at the BBC in national news and political programming – having started her career on newspapers. She is a member of the CIPR, qualified in coaching by the University of Warwick – and recognised with a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She’s studying International Politics in her spare time.

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    As an industry body we have plenty of experience dealing with media of all types, and it’s essential that our team is at the top of its game when the cameras start rolling. CoComms came recommended by a member company and our interactions with Andy and his team were friendly and professional from the off. Travelling to Glasgow was no issue, and I was pleased with the level of understanding they showed of our industry when drafting scenarios for the trainees. Feedback from the day was uniformly excellent, with team members praising the relaxed but authoritative approach of all the trainers. We’d recommend CoComms to anyone looking for media training.

    Nick Sharpe, Scottish Renewables

    CoComms have superb media trainers who really know what they’re talking about. They have a straightforward approach to the theory which makes it simple to execute in practice.

    Owen Johns, Global Corporate Affairs Manager, pladis

    I have been working with CoComms for well over a decade and keep coming back for more. The training Andy Hitchcock and his trainers provide is effective, tailored, fun and value for money. The feedback from candidates on CoComms courses is overwhelmingly extremely positive, without exception.

    Kevin Groves, Head of Media, Network Rail

    Why Choose Coherent Comms For Media Training?

    Coherent Comms deliver contemporary media training which best reflects the media encounters you are likely to face in todays world. Understanding the impact of social and digital media on how news is gathered, and how you’ll be affected by that, is fundamental to our approach. We understand what the audience needs to engage with your organisation and how you can use a media interviews with journalists to reach your audience. In our training, we demonstrate the crucial difference between a media appearance and engaging with the audience you’re trying to reach; while also providing guidance on how to maximise the opportunities presented by media interviews.
    Positive Training Environment
    High quality service
    Training in UK and Europe
    Bespoke Service

    Positive training environment

    We support a positive training environment. Our courses are about growing your skills and confidence, not telling stories about the scary questions you might get asked. We will provide you with easy to use techniques to help deliver your message.

    At Co Comms, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Our team will take the time to understand your needs, then create a bespoke media training course to suit you. With experience working with some of the UK’s biggest names, you can feel confident that you’re in safe hands. Most of our clients come back to us time and time again, simply ask for a testimonial and we’ll provide you with a review relative to your business or media training needs.

    If you’d like to book a call regarding any of our services or have a chat for free initial advice and guidance please call us: Call: 0121 682 6223 or send us an email Email:

    High quality service

    Our team is focussed on the highest quality client service – we work with you from the start to create a bespoke media training course that meets your requirements. Our skilled training team has worked in production and broadcasting at the highest levels making programmes for audiences, so we more than understand engagement! Our mock interviews are carried out by journalist trainers who’ve done thousands of interviews with a huge variety of contributors.

    If you’d like to book a call regarding any of our services or have a chat for free initial advice and guidance please call us: Call: 0121 682 6223 or send us an email Email:

    Training in UK and Europe

    At Coherent Comms, our team travels around the UK and Europe delivering our training courses. As an inclusive organisation, we recognise that individuals have diverse learning styles and actively accommodate these. We take pride in providing a safe space environment during our training sessions where participants can enhance their skills and confidence.

    If you’d like to book a call regarding any of our services or have a chat for free initial advice and guidance please call us: Call: 0121 682 6223 or send us an email Email:

    Training for all individuals

    We acknowledge the challenges faced by individuals delivering interviews in their second or third language, as well as those whose cultural background or neuro-diversity may pose additional obstacles, we genuinely believe that a wide range of individuals can learn to deliver with style and confidence. Our training demonstrates that our natural storytelling abilities as human beings provide a solid foundation for developing media skills, no matter who you are! To learn more about our media training, simply get in touch with our team today on 0121 682 6223.

    If you’d like to book a call regarding any of our services or have a chat for free initial advice and guidance please call us: Call: 0121 682 6223 or send us an email Email:

    Communications & Media Training Courses UK

    We know that wider communication encourages engagement and creates relevancy and influence. Coherent Comms Ltd supports any organisation’s communications plans by delivering media training courses to develop skills and grow confidence. Our media training is based on many years of media reporting and production at the highest level, a deep understanding of what the audience need and more than a decade of experience delivering training to organisations around the UK and Europe.

We work to equip all delegates with the skills to elevate their story telling, engage in wider business and societal conversations, contribute to topical and challenging issues and land their strategic message. Ready for you or your business to improve your media skills?

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    Media Training UK

    We deliver training at our facilities in Birmingham and London or at your location, and we bring our technical equipment and cameras with us. You can have a half day training session for up to 4 people or full day training for a larger group. We also deliver training online for small groups which can be useful when teams are spread around the country. Get in touch with our team today on 0121 682 6223 to find the right solution for you.

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