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Public Speaking Training

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In a professional setting it’s vital to come across as dynamic, trustworthy, credible and real. You want people to trust you and in turn get behind your vision or plan or proposal. If you can achieve this you can improve your confidence, your engagement and your prospects.

Our training is designed to hone your presentation skills so whether you are pitching for work, taking colleagues through change or speaking to a new audience, you can do it with a clarity and confidence that makes your messages clear and insightful. The training includes:

  • Perfecting your slides Working to produce a clean, easy to navigate slide deck that give logic and flow to your presentation.
  • Developing your storytelling We use our journalistic techniques to show you how to build a story to keep your audience engaged with a well-structured and entertaining presentation.
  • Calls to Action Make sure it is clear what you want to achieve and what you want from your audience.
  • Rehearse and Review We film and then playback a range of practical presentation exercises so we can review your performance and work to make any improvements.

The audience at a conference may be a captive one, but that doesn’t mean they are always listening and engaging
with what you have to say. We can make sure your keynote speech or panel contribution is memorable, appreciated by your audience and beneficial to your business.

Our training looks at preparing for and delivering a speech from start to finish and includes:

  • Defining your big ideas What is it you want to say and what do you want your audience to remember?
  • Develop your narrative and script How can you get across your message using storytelling.
  • Choosing the right language How vibrant and energised language can make the difference in your speech.
  • The tips and tricks to make sure your speech is memorable How vocabulary and delivery techniques ensure your words are heard.
  • Controlling the message How to deal with unhelpful questions and return to the main aspects of your story.

Engaging effectively with stakeholders with clarity and confidence can make all the difference to your relationships.

A successful “town hall” meeting can win over your sceptics, convince those who are unsure and build a common goal between your business and stakeholders. Our stakeholder communication training prepares you for these vital meetings and includes:

  • Focusing the meeting We look at how to control the meeting so the important business is covered and how to prepare for any questions or comments you may receive.
  • Keep control of the conversation We teach you conversational techniques to focus on the main points without being too assertive or dismissive.
  • Rehearse and Review We use video and practical role-play exercises to assess your performance and look for ways to improve.
  • Breaking down the information We look at how to present facts and figures without overwhelming (or boring!) your audience. Our techniques will help you narrate the message in a clear and comprehensive way.
  • Making an impact Using our journalistic experience we will work with you to develop your presentation skills to make the biggest impact and demonstrate credibility and authority.

The world has changed. Now is the time to ensure your business is changing too. Many in-person meetings, conferences, networking events and clients hosting are, for now, a thing of the past. These face-to-face interactions have been replaced by video calls, webinars and online events.

So, how do you develop contacts, maintain relationships and manage your team in this new virtual world? How do you look and sound confident, be heard, and build trust  and credibility through a computer screen?

At CoComms, we are online communications experts and our years of experience in broadcasting mean we understand how to engage a virtual audience.

  • Interactive and practical training We work with you through a variety of scenarios to analyse your performance on video calls.
  • Feedback on your performance We offer supportive, positive feedback and share our tried and tested techniques so you can improve.
  • Make Video Calls work for you Through our training you will become more confident, more productive and more dynamic on video calls.