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Media Training is not one size fits all

23 March 2021

Media Training is not one size fits all

Buying something tangible is a relatively straightforward transaction; a toaster, for example, needs little thought: do I like the design? Does I fit my budget?

If the answer to both is yes, then it’s probably the one you are looking for. However, if what you are buying is intangible – an experience, a service – the process is tougher. How do I know if the ‘work’ I am about to purchase is any good?

In our world, how can you be sure the communications training and coaching has real value?

Knowing the industry and understanding the media only goes so far; these days there is a greater expectation and rightly so. It helps if firms like ours at CoComms which are offering professional communication skills training can demonstrate not only experienced trainers – but an officially independent assessment of the value of

their course.

And the good news is that we can. CoComms are accredited by the CPD Standards Office for continuing professional development meaning our courses are contemporary, relevant and offer the most valuable resource for developing the skills of your team.

CPD accreditation – along with our trainers’ extensive experience gathered over many years inside and outside the industry – is your guarantee that the sessions you commission deliver real insight into workplace communications.

Whether it’s being coached to deliver highly polished radio and TV interviews for the media – or delivering conference speeches or improving the way you communicate in the office, CoComms CPD accreditation is your hallmark of quality. And we are chuffed to pieces to have our work recognised.