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The little screen with a world of connection

26 March 2021

The little screen

Like many other businesses, CoComms too have had to close the tab on booking the next trip and open a new one on ‘how to’. How to convert a face-to-face experience into an online one that delivers the same valuable outcome. How to develop our digital platforms to maintain our purpose and keep up with technological demands. How to keep guiding clients in quality communication, creating possibilities, and crafting their skillsets. How to deliver communication training to our international clients.

The online world has its nasty traits, as we know. But I believe without it, we would not quite have survived this past year of isolation. Older generations might scoff at this, and it makes sense. They simply did not grow up alongside the developments in technology that, as a twenty-something year old, is odd for me to think of a world without. Blissful perhaps, but not quite comprehendible to a point of satisfaction.

And I mostly do not think I want to imagine that world. Without online communication, I would not have been able conduct a two-year, international long-distance relationship with the man of my dreams. I would not be able to call my mom when the recipe does not make sense, accompany my brother on his midnight drives, or get the advice only a father could satisfy – all whilst living over 13 000kms away.

I have had to ‘love from afar’ one too many times in my short lifetime, and I’ve had to creatively develop my ability to communicate in doing so. And although I’m longing for the day I can rather communicate with a holiday tour guide, or with my mom over a late lunch, I’m holding onto the gratitude for that which I do have – and that is a little screen with a world of connection.

By Margaux Salmon