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Poor in the media equals professional incompetence

1 June 2021

professional incompetence

If any message becomes corrupted or appears somehow compromised, unsure or equivocal, an otherwise water tight strategy can get lost in translation.

So don’t underestimate the power of your own personality and performance in really making the words you say stick.

There are two issues at play when you deliver you position in the media: the first is perceptual, the second is personal.

Firstly, when you appear to deliver your interview or sound-bite, the audience have no idea of how effective you are in a professional sphere. The only thing they can judge you on is how good a media performance you are delivering – and somehow this assessment of your interview skills is conflated into an analysis of how good you are at doing your day job.

This often happens because of the consequence of second issue – the act of being interviewed itself; this can lead you to underperform because you feel intimidated by the process of being recorded or filmed. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the same thing – however you actually feel about being ‘captured’ by a camera or a microphone, ensure you deliver above and outside your usual comfort zone for the duration of the conversation in order your message is heard.

Without this, the requirement for the recipient to act on the information they receive may not happen. Not because the narrative is poor but because there’s a question of whether it can be believed because the person saying it doesn’t believe it enough to deliver it with any integrity.